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A global company specializing in PDO threads and flexible micro cannulas

Our products are made specifically for thread-lifting and dermal procedures. Traditional aesthetic procedures require surgery that causes severe skin trauma, are incredibly painful, and require long recovery periods. PremiumLift products give patients the option of having a less evasive procedure with minimal side effects and downtime. Here at PremiumLift we make it our focus to provide safe and effective medical devices.

Our PremiumFill and PremiumLift products are supported and used by board certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and skin care professionals worldwide. All our products are produced with the highest safety standards according to industry protocol and have CE approval as well KFDA approval.

Here at PremiumLift we make patient safety our top priority. All our products are optimized to give the best results without compromising on quality or safety. Our products are developed for non-invasive treatments. PremiumLift was created by highly skilled aesthetic doctors and industry leading experts who are renowned in their field of work.

PremiumLift currently deals with hundreds of medical professionals worldwide. Please feel free to contact our sales department for any inquiries. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

You can contact us now by using the following details:

Toll Free No. : 1 800 313 8073
Fax No. : 1 800 313 6715

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28.04.2016New website!

Welcome to our new website. Feel free to browse all pages and explore the exciting products and innovative technologies of PremiumFill and PremiumLift

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Toll Free No. : 1 800 313 8073

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